Pop in for a new job on Thursday May 26th!

A successful open day

Following a successful open day in March, Corbetts the Galvanizers is inviting prospective employees to another on Thursday May 26th. The day enables those interested to tour the factory in the Halesfield area of Telford and talk with experienced workers over a cuppa and a cake. It is possible to sign up for a new career with Corbetts within 30 minutes and start work the following Monday.

Pop in for a new job on Thursday May 26th! 5

Expanding our workforce

Corbetts needs workers as the order book is bulging and long-term prospects for the company are excellent. The company has traded for over 160 years and keeps evolving and changing for the latest demands. A full order book brings different challenges, and galvanizing relies heavily on an efficient workforce. Humans do many of the tasks not robots, and the immediate challenge at the beginning of the 2022 was to expand the workforce to meet the order book.

After witnessing galvanizing first hand, prospective workers will be introduced to the benefits of Corbetts’ Iron Duke Academy. The academy ensures staff are given sufficient training and development opportunities, and Corbetts workers have the chance to move up or into different roles.

Pop in for a new job on Thursday May 26th! 6

“I am looking forward to the 26th. We are not offering jobs on short contracts but long-term well-paid positions, and if you want a new career you can secure a job the same day.”


If you, a friend or a relative is looking for work and would like to grasp this opportunity,  simply text SPARE30 to 07706 339961 to receive a reply with details of when you can visit the Halesfield site and find out more about working for Corbetts the Galvanizers.

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In addition to our general galvanizing offer, we also have in-depth experience and expertise in the following key specialities.