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At Corbetts, we continuously strive to invest in our greatest asset of the business: the workforce. They are the skilled, passionate and dedicated 100+ people that make Corbetts one of the most successful and oldest galvanizers in the UK.

So that we can ensure a healthy work-life balance, we offer overtime and rotating shift patterns. We also provide free English and Maths courses, as well as forklift truck and crane training to improve the skills of our workers, which they can use throughout their career with Corbetts. Our Core Values are the backbone to delivering quality across the company, ensuring the right mindset for all our employees and allowing Corbetts to grow as a business year on year.

Employee Testimonials

Corbetts’ is a friendly and inclusive place to work and a company which celebrates the diverse nationalities of the employees.

– 7 months service

I am proud to be part of the Corbetts’ family.

– 4 years service

There are plenty of opportunities for career progression and implementation of new ideas.

– 6 years service

Senior Management really care about the business and the core values and allow us to speak openly and freely in a safe and productive environment.

– 3 years service

Corbetts’ is an organisation that listens, does not judge and cares about its employees’.

– 10 months service

The opportunities are endless if you are ambitious, team spirited and work hard.

– 2 years service

I really enjoy working at Corbetts’ due to the respect I have earned over the years from Senior Management and the office staff. I also do not get judged by my lack of English.

– 9 years service

I enjoy coming to work there is a lot of team spirit.

– 3 years service

Corbetts’ is the first company I have worked for in England. I work hard because my colleagues appreciate my work. This is very important to me. Thank you all.

– 5 months service

It’s close to my home, friendly people and I have plenty of overtime.

– 14 years service
Recruitment 3

Available roles

Speculative application

Corbetts is appealing for people to come forward. We welcome skilled galvanizers year-round—your next career move starts here!

Submit your speculative application and stand out, regardless of experience!

QA Inspector

We are looking to appoint a QA Inspector. Download the job spec to find out more about your daily duties and requirements for this role.

Forklift Truck Operator

We are looking to appoint a team of Forklift Truck Operators Download the job spec to find out more about your daily duties and requirements for this role.


We are looking to appoint a team of Potmen. Download the job spec to find out more about your daily duties and requirements for this role.

Acid Operator

We are looking to appoint a team of Acid Operators. Download the job spec to find out more about your daily duties and requirements for this role.

General Operative

We are looking to appoint a team of General Operatives. Download the job spec to find out more about your daily duties and requirements for this role.

We are always looking for passionate manufacturing people to join our team, if you think you have the core values, qualities and vision we are looking for then get in touch and help write the next chapter in our history.

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    Galvanizing Specialities

    In addition to our general galvanizing offer, we also have in-depth experience and expertise in the following key specialities.

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    We have an uncompromising determination to provide excellence by investing in our people and forging unparalleled relationships. Our brand promise is simple, we provide a hassle free service, we deliver stunning steel and we always maintain customer focus in everything we do.

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    Mark Stephenson 10

    Mark Stephenson

    Director and General Manager

    Mark joined Corbetts as Procurement Manager in 2020, holding a 15-year tenure in procurement, which culminated in his achievement of CIPS Level 5 accreditation. His career trajectory showcases his versatility and expertise, becoming Operations and Supply Chain Manager in early 2023 before swiftly ascending to the position of Director and General Manager. Mark is entrusted with the day-to-day operations of the business, playing a pivotal role as the leader of the Corbetts team, steering them towards success through his wealth of experience and strategic acumen in both procurement and operational management.

    Darren Venables 11

    Darren Venables

    Operations Manager

    Darren joined Corbetts as Transport Operations Manager and was also a part of the wider Senior Management Team in 2020, bringing with him over 25 years of experience in the transport sector. He has extensive experience in galvanizing, the processes involved, and our customer base. Darren manages the operational side of the business and helps the management team with day-to-day tasks. As part of the Senior Management Team, Darren maintains a hands-on approach for both the A and B Plants, ensuring a smooth service from the raw steel to a finished galvanized product ready for despatch.

    Angela Clarke 12

    Angela Clarke

    Sales Account Manager

    Angela brings over 18 years of experience working in the galvanizing industry. She is responsible for our most long-standing key accounts, maintaining strong communication channels that ensure work is done to the correct specification and delivered on time. In addition to her vast industry knowledge, Angela also plays a poignant role in business development, using her extensive knowledge and warm personality with all internal departments and our customers.

    Dave Thorneycroft 13

    Dave Thorneycroft

    QHSE Manager

    Dave plays one of the most key positions within our business, allowing us to operate by the book and galvanize in a safe environment, ensuring our most prized assets – our operatives – operate in the best conditions possible. With over 25 years of experience, Dave has worked within a variety of industries from automotive manufacturing, banking sector, warehouse and logistics, and CNC Machining for the automotive and trucks sectors. In addition to the wellbeing of our staff and the safety of our plant, Dave also provides strategic guidance and direction for the business.

    Julian Hawkes, Assoc CIPD 14

    Julian Hawkes, Assoc CIPD

    HR Manager

    Julian joined the company as part of the Senior Management Team in 2023, his extensive HR experience, which spans over 20 years in a variety of industries, ensures the complete responsibility of HR. This covers the implementing and updating of best practices, policies, and procedures, in order to bring the future strategic HR plan to fruition. Having served 23 years within the military, Julian is a man by-the book and ensures all the Is are dotted and Ts are crossed; he runs a tight ship.

    Slawomir Dabrowski 15

    Slawomir Dabrowski

    Shift Supervisor

    Slawomir joined the Production Department in 2019, bringing with him over 16 years of galvanizing experience across all areas of the galvanizing process. Slawomir has worked his way up from a Production Operative and is now responsible for the smooth running of the shift, ensuring production targets are maintained and ensuring quality is in line with the British Standard; BS EN ISO 1461.